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Open Source Intelligence Monitor to transform raw Information into actionable intelligence



Powerful Web Intelligence Tool

OSINT Monitor is a dynamic web intelligence tool that allows you to harness the vast amount of intelligence data available on the web such as social media networks, news networks, websites, blogs and other Internet sources.This cluttered data extracted by OSINT Monitor is stored and processed into noise free quality data on the agency’s local database for monitoring, filtering and further analysis.

OSINT Monitor features advanced capabilities for processing multi languages to perform sentiment and trend analysis. In addition, it is also capable of processing informal or fused languages like Arablish including web or chat alphabets such as Arabish or Arabizi.OSINT Monitor will be of great use for Government Security Agencies, organizations and companies to effectively gain valuable insights to improve situational awareness and to help in crime prevention.

Data Sources


Real-Time Data Monitoring

A fully flexible solution to extract accurate and relevant information from unlimited social media sources available on the web.

Create Monitors

Create individual or group monitors for topic data which makes it easy to see what is being said about the relevant posts across top channels.


Clean and easy to understand dashboard to get alerts, track trending topics, followers, engagement, impressions, demographic, etc in real time.

Unique Insights

Analyze and understand the audience engagement, their conversations across the social media channels and deliver the best results possible.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify the sentiments embedded in your content to better understand and know what your audiences feel.


Create interactive, accurate, and detailed reports about data insights which are easy to download and share with your clients and within the team.